Your Pond Is In- What's Next?

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A pond brings a lot of joy and curb appeal to a property, and it is an easy weekend project using a prefabricated pond liner. After you have dug your hole, lined it with sand, and placed your liner in the ground, what's next? Consider the following tips to finish off your backyard pond in practical yet creative ways:

Make sure the liner is stable. After you have positioned your liner, it is important to fill in around it with good quality fill or soil. Sand will also work, and creates great drainage in wet climates. Be sure to tamp down the sides to ensure a snug fit, and to prevent shrinking when the fill or sand becomes wet.

Conceal the lip. Next, decide how you will want to conceal the edges and lip of the pond liner. Using heavy stones helps to keep the pond stable during foul weather conditions, but plants make it look like a natural part of the environment. Use fill or soil to camouflage the edges before adding plant pots, stones, or pavers around your pond.

Choose some foliage. It makes sense to plant native foliage, flowers, and grasses near and around your pond. These will thrive and be hardy plants that complement your new water feature. If you want to add a little color and personality to your pond, add some floating aquatic plants like water lilies and water lettuce.

What about wildlife? There is no getting around it: ponds attract wildlife. If you add sunfish or koi to your pond, you may find that they attract predatory animals like neighborhood cats and raccoons. You may consider adding a toad or frog house for an added attraction; birds may also be drawn to your yard, which are lovely to watch but that can cause waste on your property.

Consider other features. If you want to make your pond a little bit different than others, try adding something special like a fountain or a light feature. These are available in kits for DIY enthusiasts at most home improvement retailers. These venues may also offer things like waterfall kits or aquarium supplies to enhance your backyard pond.

Once you get your pond put in, do you know what to do next? Use these tips and a bit of imagination to make your pond stand out and complement the rest of your property. Whether your goal is a quiet spot for daily reflection or a chic space for entertaining, a pond brings a lot of joy so make the most of this landscaping feature.

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