Three Tips For Better Shipping And Labeling Practices

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With the growth of Internet shopping and platforms like eBay, Etsy and Amazon FBA, a lot of people are beginning to make a good living shipping items at home. The most important part of getting goods in the hands of the people that need them is to purchase and use the best labels and shipping practices. If you are a person with a home shipping business who wants to make this process as efficient as possible, you can do that by following some of these wonderful tips.

Pack carefully and ship quickly

In order to get your merchandise in the hands of customers quickly and in one piece, you need to carefully pack and ship your boxes. First be sure that any box that you use is upright and sturdy and that you use the best packaging materials that you can find. Tape the boxes carefully and be sure that you are giving yourself a chance to protect the items by using things like bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You also need to always stay on top of your shipping speeds, making sure that you get your merchandise in the hands of your shipping provider either the same day or the next day, so that your customer gets it in their hands quickly. This will help you to keep your rankings high to continuously get more customers.

Take the time to brand your packages

Anybody can send a box, but you need to be sure to make your packaging stand out. This is a matter of branding, so spruce up your boxes by using labels and custom printing that has your logo and contact information. These extra steps may seem small, but this well prepared package creates a lasting impression for the customer that will make them want to shop with you again and most importantly -- remember you.

Buy a scale and a label printer

Any time that you want to get the best shipping prices to retain your profit margins, you will need to buy a scale that will be as accurate as possible. This way, you will have a great idea of what you are paying before sending out your merchandise. You should also purchase a custom label printer to create any type of label that you need, either for barcodes or shipping labels. Buying a label printer is often more effective than purchasing a standard laser printer to print your labels and will drastically speed up your workflow.

Start with these three tips and you will be able to have great success with your shipping business. Contact a business that offers custom stickers for more information.