Keeping Your Self Storage Unit Dry So Items Inside Do Not Become Ruined

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If you intend on moving some of your personal items into a self storage unit, taking steps to make sure the enclosure is kept free of moisture will help keep your belongings in the best of condition. Humidity can cause havoc within a contained space leading to damage in the form of rusted metal, rotted wood, and disintegrated paper. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your rented storage unit dry so your items remain in good condition.

Check Over The Unit Before Signing A Contract

It is important to make sure the storage unit you will be using is free of any type of void where moisture or humid air can make its way inside. Ask the manager of a storage rental facility if you can take a peek inside the unit they plan to rent to you before you sign a contract indicating you will make payments. Check each wall for cracks. If you notice one, hold a lighter up to it to see if the flame flickers at all. This would indicate this spot would need caulking done by the facility owner before you move your belongings inside. Check that the door seal is tight by having a friend pour some water along the ground right next to the door when it is closed. Stand on the opposite side of the door and observe. If moisture seeps inside under the door, either have the owner replace the gasket or ask for a different unit to rent.

Make Sure Items Are Dry Before They Go Inside Your Unit

If you bring a wet item inside your unit, the moisture will evaporate into the air over time. This will increase the humidity level rapidly since the area is sealed. This contained moisture can cause damage to your belongings if it is trapped inside the unit. Make sure each item you place in the unit is wiped down with a clean piece of dry cloth beforehand. Dry any clothing in a dryer for several minutes before placing in a storage container so there is no remnant of moisture in the fibers of the material, as this can lead to mildew. If you have water sport items like fishing rods or life vests, dry them in the sun before bringing them to the storage unit.

Eliminate Humidity With Added Enhancements

Many home goods stores sell small containers filled with a charcoal-based agent to help grab moisture out of the air. Place several of these inside your unit to help keep the atmosphere at a constant dry level. Place a few pallets on the floor to lift cardboard boxes off of concrete floors. This will keep the items contained free of dampness if humidity causes moisture to pool up on the floor. If you have several belongings prone to humidity damage, it may be beneficial to look into renting a climate-controlled unit. This will allow you to tweak the temperature to keep the air at a safe humidity level for housing your items.

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