Thinking Of Renting A Bobcat? Learn What Costs You Need To Budget For

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As a homeowner, it can often seem as though you are on a never-ending home improvement roller coaster. If you need to move around dirt, rock or other heavy debris for your next project, renting a bobcat can come in handy. Before renting this piece of equipment, it's a good idea to understand what factors typically come along with this service. Having this information beforehand can assist you with better budget planning.

Rental Fee

When it comes to rental fees, it's best to look at this figure as a base cost, rather than a total cost. Typically, this fee only includes the actual usage of the machine itself for a preset period of time, such as 8 hours or an entire weekend. It doesn't include operational costs.

Depending on the retailer that you rent your bobcat from, the rental fee may be an all-in-one price; however, many times this is not the case. Make sure you are getting a clear understanding so that you aren't faced with invoice shock.

Transport Fee

Given the weight of a bobcat, you will likely need to rely on the retailer for delivery and pickup. Even if you have equipment to accommodate transport of a bobcat, retailers generally require that you let them cover this service for you in the interest of your safety. Oftentimes, retailers will have a set mileage radius for which they charge a flat-fee for this delivery and pickup service.

Should you live outside this area or live in an area with difficult access, the retailer may have to charge a per mile fee to cover additional mileage. Be certain to provide your exact address so that you know what type of transport fee is necessary.

Fuel Fee

Bobcats run on diesel fuel. Retailers will generally deliver the bobcat with a full tank of fuel. Once the unit is picked up and returned, you are only charged for the fuel you used. It's important to understand that just how strenuously you use the bobcat will determine how quickly it burns fuel.

For instance, moving a large mound of rocks is generally more strenuous than moving dirt, resulting in greater fuel usage. If you are planning to move around a particularly heavy object, be prepared for a higher fuel cost.

The cost you pay to rent a bobcat ensures you are being provided a safe and well-functioning piece of equipment to complete your project efficiently. Make sure to factor these various items into your bobcat rental budget. Contact a company like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals for more information.