4 Things To Consider Long Before Office Moving Day

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Relocating an office takes a lot of planning. Several weeks before the date of the actual move, the planning process begins. What all do you need to think about prior to moving day? Below, you will find a short list of the things that you may have overlooked and need your attention.

Hire the Movers

Don't wait until moving day is just ahead to hire the movers. Instead, contact commercial moving companies like Christofferson Moving & Storage at least six weeks in advance. This will make it easier for you to find a company that is available for the date and provide you with different companies to compare. Waiting until the last minute may end up costing you more money and you may not get the quality service you had hoped for.

Learn About Restricted Items

There are some items in your office that the moving service may not be permitted to move. Things like plants, compressed air canisters, perishable food, poison, combustible materials and weapons are prohibited in some areas and by some moving companies. If you have any of these items stored in your office, talk with the moving company in advance and make alternative arrangements for the transport of those items.

Protect Client Confidentiality

The files stored in your office contain confidential information that the clients don't want to be shared. To protect this information, place all documents in boxes or filing cabinets for the move. Once everything is filed away safely, run a strip of tape across where the lids or drawers open and sign your name on it. This will give you the ability to know if anything had been tampered with during the move.

Insure the Items

Many of the things that you are moving from one office to another are probably pretty valuable. Since you never know when an accident can occur, it is best to take out an insurance policy to protect your business from financial loss if something should happen to the moving truck during the move. Inquire with the moving company about add-on insurance policies to learn about discounted options they may offer directly through the company.

This time is going to be stressful enough for you without having to worry about the moving service you have hired. Take these things into consideration as moving day approaches, and your big move should go off without a hitch. Some careful planning, a quality moving service and attention to detail will help make the move a success.