Five Lessons Learned About Home Furnishings From "Duck Dynasty"

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Fans of Duck Dynasty—the southern-based, duck-hunting television show—may appreciate the disregard that the Robertson clan give to things like trends or fashion. However, they do display some distinctive tastes and style choices when it comes to the way that they furnish their homes. There could be some valuable information found in this show when it comes to selecting and buying furniture for the home.

Take style inspiration from the Robertson family with these five tips:

Camo in the family room

For a rustic and masculine family room, consider buying a chair like Phil's: a camouflage recliner. Not only will this meld with a warm, neutral color palate, but the printed fabric will help to conceal spots, stains, or wear. 

Bigger can be better

If you have a big family like the Robertson's, then bigger may not just be better, it may be necessary. If you have a lot of kin, invest in big couches, large tables, and grand furnishings that will accommodate big families. This will save you from trying to find seats for everyone at the next family gathering, too!

Keep the office comfortable

If you do any work from home, create a work station that is as comfortable as the rest of the home. Willie once implemented desks and work-tables that would lift and lower to make tasks easier on the back. He also invested money in an on-site soft-serve machine to keep his team happy, so keep this in mind when planning your perfect workspace in the home or at the job.

Try before you buy

When it comes to beds and mattresses, you really should try before you buy. When Phil and Miss Kay decided it was time to upgrade their old bed, they spent the day lounging and laying on the various beds until Phil fell asleep on the show-room floor. Since a bed is one of the most important home furnishings that you will invest in, be sure that the one you are buying is comfortable by trying it out first.

Add your own accents

The real flavor and personality of the home is often achieved with the accents that you choose to display. Show off your own distinct style and  add accents that reflect who you are. From Phil's duck decoys in the living room to Miss Kay's decoupage table in the dining room, it is easy to garner a sense of the family that live in the Robertson home.

Whether you are a duck-hunter or merely a bargain-hunter, there are some prudent style tips that might be garnered from Duck Dynasty. From Phil's camo recliner to the soft-serve machine installed in Willie's office, personal comfort is the prevailing design theme found throughout the Robertson home. Keep comfort in mind when you shop for furnishings for your home or office (at stores such as Consignment Furniture Warehouse of Fort Myers Inc) to maintain a dwelling that would be fit for a Robertson, as well as practical for you and your family, too.