Helpful Packing Tips

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If you are planning to move from one home to another, you will need to pack your items in a way where they will be easy to find when they arrive at their new location. Being organized about your packing can make the difference between a home full of chaos and one where items get put away swiftly and efficiently. Here are a few tips you can use to help keep your items organized so that you can find them easily when you begin to unpack.

Labeling Rooms

One way to help out the workers at the moving company would be to label each room at the new home. If you have children, have them place their name by their room so items will be delivered to the right spot within the home. The names can be placed on boxes when packing so they will be easily matched up.

Another way to label rooms is by using a color-coding system. Designate a color for each room. Use this color in the form of packing tape on the boxes or containers that belong inside this room when unpacked. Place a piece of this tape next to the doorway of the room so movers will know to place the item with the matching tape color inside.

Keeping Pieces Together

When you pack furniture, it is sometimes better to disassemble larger pieces so they will fit into the moving truck better. They will also be easier for the movers to carry in and out of the homes, keeping them safe from bumping and breaking. Tie pieces together using tie wraps or rope so that they will stay together inside the moving truck.

Slide the pieces inside plastic or wrap them with sheets so they do not scrape against each other during the move. Place any hardware inside a plastic sandwich bag and tape it to the furniture it belongs to. Label the bag so if it becomes unattached, you will know which pieces it belongs with.

When packing electronics, using the original boxes they came inside when you purchased them will keep them safest from harm. These will have the appropriate packing material already inside the box, and they will fit inside perfectly. If you no longer have the original packaging, use packing peanuts around the items inside a box to help cushion them from breakage. Place cords inside plastic sandwich bags and tape them to the inside of the box the electronics are being moved inside so the pieces will stay together.

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