4 Benefits Your Car Insurance May Have That You Don't Know About

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Having coverage on your vehicle doesn't just mean that you have financial and medical protection in the event of an accident, there may be other surprise benefits in your premium as well. Learn about 4 benefits that you probably have on your insurance policy that you don't even know about.

Rental car coverage

In the event that your vehicle is in the shop for repairs or you've totaled your car and are shopping for a new one, don't break out your credit card just yet for a rental car to get you by. Your insurance likely covers this cost for you. Even better, you can often get rental car coverage cheaper through your insurance company than you can at the counter of a car rental store.

Your stuff

If your car gets broken into and some of your things get stolen, you aren't totally out of luck. Many car insurance policies cover theft of your belongings if your car is stolen or broken into. This is in addition to covering any damage that is done to your vehicle during the invasion.

Roadside assistance

Your vehicle can break down on the road at any time due to a flat tire or engine issue. Your auto insurance probably includes roadside assistance, which includes having a tow truck come to your aid no matter where you are. So the next time your car fails on you, give your auto insurance agent a call first and see if they can send someone your way--often at no charge to you.

Windshield replacement coverage

That small chip in your windshield can quickly turn into a large crack that obscures your vision. Your windshield can be damaged at any time through no fault of your own--a rock flung from a passing vehicle, a beet from a beet truck bouncing off your hood, even an animal hitting your car--and your insurance often has windshield repair and replacement coverage as part of your policy. If it's not already added--guess what? You can likely have this needed feature placed on your premium for just a few dollars a month from your auto insurance agent. That sure beats paying a hefty deductible for a busted windshield.

Your auto insurance coverage gives you peace of mind in many ways, often more ways than you think. Ask your auto insurance agent just what additional coverage you have, so you can take advantage of all the great services they can provide just when you need them most.