Making Life Easier For Your Professional Moving Service

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Moving to a new home is an incredibly difficult task and one that can be streamlined by hiring a moving company. However, if you've never hired a moving company, you may make a series of mistakes or do something silly that hinders their work. Stick to this simple guideline to make things much easier for your moving crew.

Meet Movers Well in Advance

Months before the big day, you should talk to your moving company and actually meet the people who will be moving your belongings. Spend a few minutes just chatting with them and getting to know them a little. You don't need to be best friends, but building a relationship with them will make a stressful process a little more relaxing.

Take special care to learn their names so that communication is simpler the day of the move.

Create a Checklist

Inspect all of your belongings and make an extensive checklist of items you need to move and how you plan on packing them up. Your storage medium should be appropriate for the items being moved. For example, important papers should be stored in binders while towels could be folded up and taped in boxes.

Organizing your items in this way will make the boxes much easier to pack whether you are packing or your moving service is packing.

Go Crazy with Labels

Do you have a label maker yet? If you don't, get one today. Labels are a moving company's best friends: they make moving much simpler. Create a label that describes what is in the box and, even better, where it's supposed to go.

Print out a Floor Plan

Moving is often sidetracked by explaining where things go in your new, empty home. Avoid that problem by creating and printing out a floor plan for your movers. This, along with your box labels, will make it extremely easy for them to put your boxes where they need to go without constantly consulting you.

Stay Out of the Way

Watching professional movers can be a rough experience, as many empathetic people will naturally want to help them out. Don't: movers have a simple and streamlined method for moving items and you will only get in the way if you try to help.

Tip the Movers

Once your job is done, it's time to pay and tip your movers. You, of course, can skip giving them any kind of reward if you're unhappy with their work. However, it's considered highly rude not to tip movers at least 5% of the total cost of the move. It will make all their hard work easier to bear if they get a $25-$40 tip at the end of the day.

While movers, like Freedom Movers, LLC, help make moving less stressful, you should still plan ahead. These simple tips will streamline your moving process and eliminate much of the difficulty and strain that comes with coordinating a move.