Creative Gifts To Get Your Father-In-Law This Holiday Season

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The holidays are just around the corner, and spouses everywhere are wondering what to get for their hard-to-shop for father-in-laws. These ideas are creative, funny, and sure to make a great impression at the next family event. 

Character Cufflinks 

Who said cufflinks had to be classy and boring? Character cufflinks bring your father-in-law's favorite fictional characters to life in a wearable jewelry, perfect for weddings, work and holiday events. Character cufflinks come in all types, from comic book personas to book characters to movie stars. Pick whichever cufflink type will be most pleasing for your father-in-law. Many types of character cufflinks aren't terribly expensive and may be available at discounted prices through jewelry pawn shops.

Bathroom Mini-Golf Set

Golfers love this gift! The bathroom mini-golf set is designed to fit snugly around the toilet, so your father-in-law can putt while sitting on the pot. This item is perfect for a bathroom in a man-cave or a workshop. 

Weird Socks

Does your father-in-law have an unnatural love of whales or a particular type of food that he really enjoys eating? There's basically a sock for every weird passion out there. Get your father in law socks that define his personality, show off his personal preferences, and keep him warm and snugly all at the same time. 

Scottish Nobility Title

They really do sell everything on the Internet. If your father-in-law has fantasies about wearing a crown and ruling his land with an iron fist, this funny gift will finally give him a reason to start demanding that his family members start referring to him as "king." 

Whiskey Chilling Rocks

Perfect for whiskey drinkers everywhere, this gift will help your father-in-law enjoy his favorite alcoholic beverage, undiluted and at full-strength. It may even be the perfect opportunity to sit down with him, have a few shots and share stories. Who knows? Maybe you'll become good friends.

Wine Bottle Waterer

Right side up, it's a wine bottle. Upside down, it's a plant waterer. This is a gift that can easily be made at home from scratch, but can also be purchased commercially. Wine bottle waterers look like wine bottles but are filled with water. Flipped upside down and inserted into pre-dampened soil, the wine bottle waterer will water plants for a day or two, keeping plants fresh and healthy. Commercial wine bottle waterers may have a special neck that prevents the water from leaking out before it's inserted into the soil. To give your father-in-law something more DIY and homemade, decorate your own wine bottle with mosaic tiles or glass paint. 

Good luck with the holiday shopping. Your father-in-law will probably say he likes his gift regardless of what you get for him—but with these super ideas, you can rest assured he really means it.