21st Century Gold Rush Secrets: 3 Places In The Lower 48 To Pan For Gold Outside Of California

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While the stock markets have become more uncertain, gold prices have been rising steadily in the past decades. This has made prospecting for gold in many areas, such as in Californian and Alaskan creeks and beaches, a modern day gold rush. In the lower 48 (meaning main body USA), California is not the only place where you can try your hand at prospecting. Here are some of the lesser known places where you may want to try to strike it rich:

1. Get A Move On And Start Prospecting In Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country is the area of the Rocky Mountains to the North that includes parts of Idaho and Montana. This is also a place where you may want to try your hand at prospecting first. Since this is one of the least populous states in the Lower-48 you may find it easier to find land to prospect without being hassled or dealing with greedy landowners who know there is gold on their lands. If you do find an area to prospect, remember to get permission before you do any digging or panning on private property.

2. Cherokee Country Near A Town Called 'Gold'

The site of one of the first American gold rushes is named for the Cherokee word for gold: Dahlonega. It is a small town in the North Georgia mountains and there are many creeks and places where gold can still be found. In Georgia, there are still many places where you can go panning for gold, as well as rock hounding for precious gems. There is even a certain river with the Cherokee name "River of Painted Rocks", where you can pick up a certain red gems by the handful.

3. Follow The Appalachian Gold Belt Road From Virginia To The South

The Appalachian Mountains also have several gold deposits, just like Alaska and California. These areas are not mentioned as much, but one of the major areas where gold can be found in the Appalachian gold belt. This is an area that stretches from Eastern Georgian foothills, all the way into the Western Pennsylvanian farm country. If you want to get out and enjoy some leisure time in the mountains, this can be a great place to search for gold and enjoy some rest and relaxation at the same time.

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