Departed Loved One? Two Tips To Make Their Funeral More Memorable

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If someone you love has recently passed away, you're likely feeling a great deal of grief.  However, what you want to do at this point is channel your emotions into making sure that their home-going service is memorable.  Death is a part of life; and if you're able to turn a sad occasion into one of celebration, you've done your job.  Use the following tips to make your loved one's funeral as memorable as possible.

Customize The Casket

Some people may feel a shroud of fear at the thought of approaching a casket.  You can change this by customizing the casket in such a way that makes funeral attendees comfortable with the final resting place of your beloved.

Caskets have changed so much from what they used to be.  Instead of a solemn, wooden box, they can now be fully customized.  This means that you're free to adorn the casket with the images of all of the things that characterized the life of the departed.  If there was a particular super hero that they followed, consider putting a picture of the hero on the casket.  You can also place a collage of pictures that feature the best times of the person's life on the casket.  This reminds funeral guests that although the individual is now deceased, they lived a life that was full of all of the various events that make for good times.

Make Room For Those Who've Gone Before

Another way that you can make the funeral of your departed loved one more memorable is by remembering those who have gone before. This is a salute to the past that may be highly treasured by those in attendance.

There are a number of ways that you can give a nod to those who've gone before.  For example, you may want to place out a chair that has a single white rose on it in remembrance of a lost mother, father or close relative.  The chair will speak volumes, and will show the kind of respect to the departed that many people wish to experience when it's time for them to leave the earth.

Planning a funeral shouldn't only be about grief.  Celebrating the life of the recently departed and those who've gone before can be the ultimate way to show respect.  When you're planning a funeral, keep these tips in mind to help make the event as memorable as possible.