3 Times You'll Love The Extra-Capacity Washers And Dryers At The Laundromat

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Whether you have never used a laundromat, or if you finally have your own washer and dryer and are excited at the prospect of finally being able to do laundry without leaving the house, laundromats can still make your life easier. Even if the idea of loading up the car with laundry and washing clothes away from home doesn't sound very convenient, here are a few ways that the oversized washers and dryers at the laundromat can save you time and make it a breeze to get through extraordinary laundry loads.

When you need to do all your comforters at once

If you are switching everyone's bedding for the change in seasons, need to get rid of the stuffy storage smell or want to wash new comforters before you use them, it can be hard to do it quickly at home. It can be tough to fit more than one comforter or quilt in a home washing machine, which means if you have to wash several, you'll be running your washer and dryer all day. If you have clothes to wash as well, you'll probably find yourself wishing for a second washer and dryer just to get everything done. Laundromats have exactly what you need on days like this: rows of washers and dryers that can handle three or four comforters at once.

Having all these washers and dryers at your disposal speeds up the process. As long as the machines are empty and available, you can wash multiple comforters and quilts in the same amount of time that it takes to wash one. Bring your regular laundry along and you can get everything done in one trip.

When you get home from traveling

Extra capacity washers hold two to three (or more) times as much as your household washing machine. They are great for when you come home from a camping trip or vacation and you need to wash everyone's clothes at once to have them ready for school or work the next day. Instead of washing multiple small loads at home, running your washer and dryer for hours and possibly overloading them, you can do one massive load of lights and one massive load of darks and be done with everything in an hour or two.  You can even wash the sleeping bags or sheets at the same time, and if the smell of the great outdoors is still clinging to everything, you don't even have to bring the dirty laundry into your house.

When you need to wash everything

Whether it's actual spring cleaning or you just need to get your house in order for company quickly, the huge machines can handle your sheets, blankets, towels, curtains, throw rugs and everything else that might test the limits of your home washer and dryer. The heavy-duty dryers are especially helpful with large amounts of towels that take a long time to dry and produce copious amounts of dryer lint, both of which can be hard on your home dryer. The time you save by using the laundromat will give you more time to vacuum, wash your windows and dust your crevices, helping you get through your cleaning faster.

Laundromats aren't just for renters or for when your washer or dryer breaks down – they're great for when your machines just aren't big enough. The next time you have to wash something huge, or simply want to wash a lot of stuff as fast as possible, use the big machines at your local laundromat. Not only will they save you time in getting everything clean and fluffy, but you won't have to spend all day filling and emptying your home washer and dryer.

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