2 Ways To Reduce Your Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

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Commercial truck insurance can be a very pricey investment, especially if you need to insure an entire fleet of vehicles. However, there are a few ways to reduce your commercial truck insurance rates, such as the two listed below. 

Driver Safety Training

One of the easiest ways to convince your insurance provider to provide you with cheaper commercial truck insurance rates is to send all of your drivers to get additional safety training. These safety training courses will help your drivers learn how to drive more defensively, safely, and how to safely regain control of the vehicle if the driver loses control on a slick road. The reason that these courses can help you lower your insurance rates is because they can make the odds of your drivers causing an accident due to negligence much less likely, which makes it much less likely that the insurance company will have to step in and pay for medical and repair claims. 

A nice added bonus to this type of training is that it can also save you money in other areas. For example, there will be less wear and tear on your vehicles that you will have to repair because your drivers will be more able to handle them properly. If all of your trucks are in good repair and remain that way it can also potentially lead to reduced insurance rates.

Specialty Training

Another way to reduce your commercial truck insurance rates is to have your drivers train to handle specialty loads. This is important because your insurance rates can actually go up if the type of cargo or routes that your drivers take are more dangerous because those issues can cause more liability for you and your insurance company. For example, an insurance company will often charge more if your drivers typically drive in areas with dangerously icy road conditions, routinely take on long-distance jobs, or haul chemicals or hazardous waste. 

However, if your drives undergo additional training that teaches them how to handle those conditions in a more controlled and safe manner, your insurance company may give you a discount. This is because the insurance company will know that your drivers have been specifically trained to deal with those specialized and dangerous routes and loads, so the overall liability is reduced.

Contact a commercial truck insurance provider (such as Metropolitan Insurance Service Consultants) today in order to discuss which types of training can help you reduce your insurance rates. Specialty training and general safety training can make help your drivers handle themselves on the road in a way that is safer for both themselves and the other people on the road, which will often result in reduced insurance rates.