Designing A Banner For The Correct Audience: Banner Design Tips

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If you want to make a statement, banners large and small are a  fantastic way to  say "congratulations," "welcome home," or "eat here!" For business or commercial, home or personal, if you need to make a statement, then there's a banner (and an audience for that):

Capture the Audience

Basically, a banner is to catch your audience. You may need to reach thousands of people a day or maybe just a few. For example, you may want a banner for a loved one returning from the armed forces to say, "Welcome home!" Or you may want to capture every child possible to display the newest toys. In order to efficiently capture your audience, be sure to consider these three elements: Design, placement, and size.

1) Design

To make your banner great, design is key. If it does not attract your customers, it might as well not be there, right? Keep these things in mind as you contemplate a design for your banner.

2) Placement

Placement is key in the advertising industry. You would not put an adult-only ad in a children's toy magazine, nor would you put the latest hunting gear ad in a magazine for home living. Again, you must think about your audience when placing your ad, whether it be on a billboard, in a magazine, or online. Also, you will want to keep in mind the eye level of on-lookers. Children will see banners at their level. Adults will see billboards while driving.

3) Size

Not all banners need to so big that it would cover the side of a house. Sizing is important when catering to your audience as well. A four foot banner on the outside of a restaurant may be appropriate, but on the dining table not so much. Sometimes "less is more," as they say. It all depends on where you place the banner, the design, and the size.

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