Creative Ways To Contain Your Loved Ones Ashes After Cremation

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In comparison to traditional burial methods, cremation allows for you to have more flexibility with their loved one's remains. There is never a need to worry that leaving a location would mean leaving your loved one's final resting place behind, and many feel a sense of comfort with knowing they have their loved one with them at all times. With cremation being such a popular choice for many family members, more innovative ways to contain the ashes after death are surfacing across the country. Here are a few of the most creative ways to keep ashes besides just the traditional urn.

Memorial Jewelry

After a deceased family member has been cremated, you may choose to take their ashes and spread them at their favorite location. However, keeping just a pinch of their ashes with you can be very comforting as you try to move forward. Memorial jewelry is designed for this purpose. These creative pieces, usually in the form of charms or pendants, can contain a small portion of ashen material in a tiny vessel designed to look like a traditional piece of jewelry. Small lockets in the shape of a heart, capsule, or even an hourglass make keeping your treasured departed near you at all times.

Synthetic Gemstones

Through a chemical scientific formulation, ashes can be incorporated into a gemstone. These synthetic gemstones can be an array of colors, shades, and sizes and could be incorporated into a piece of jewelry, such a a ring or charm. Seeing your loved one live on after death in a sparkling gemstone can be incredibly rewarding to someone who is in mourning and the stones will become a treasure that can be handed down through generations.

Paintings and Portraits

Certain specialized artists have taken memorial portraits to a completely different level. The ashes of your loved one can be combined with high-quality paint materials and then used to create a work of art that will be treasured for a lifetime. The ashes only slightly pigment the paint and blend well to create a painting that no one would ever guess contains the ashes of your departed family member.

With so many creative ways that ashes can be implemented into ordinary objects and traditional burial costs on the rise, cremation is quickly becoming a popular idea. Make sure you can always keep your loved one's memory alive in items you can truly appreciate.

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